About Us

Our establishment takes great pride in how our unique and carefully crafted dishes pay homage to the history of Sri Lanka and represent a bit of culture in every curry, rice and dessert we serve while also representing the modern, opulent world. We are considered as one of the best restaurants in Werribee and our speciality is crafting unique dishes that draw inspiration from flavours around the globe to bring a genuinely mind-blowing experience to life.
Step into our restaurant and let the flavours, aromas and ambience transport you to another world. We welcome you to sit back, unwind and appreciate the sights while enjoying an excellent gourmet meal. We are open for lunch, dinner and takeaways in Werribee. We have unique weekend specials and Fusion Ceylon beers!

Meet the Owners

My experience working with world-renowned chefs has unleashed a passion for the culinary arts that enabled me to create tantalising, authentic Sri Lankan dishes with an international touch. Being brought up in Colombo, I embrace my roots and the flavours of my hometown in the dishes I create in Australia, constantly pushing beyond expectations to create culinary masterpieces. I am specialised in culinary arts, and I have been privileged to work alongside some of the greatest chefs in well-established, 5-star restaurants across Melbourne like The Stoke House, Qantas First Class Lounge, Hilton, Sofitel, Park Hyatt and Intercontinental hotels in the past 15 years. 

Chiran Hemadasa

My passion lies in creating authentic Sri Lankan dishes with locally sourced products to harmonise the Melbourne taste palette. I was first drawn to the world of culinary at a tender age when I used to cook with my mother in her kitchen back in my hometown. Colombo. I was so fascinated with all the different colours and aromas of the various spices that make up the heart of Sri Lankan cuisine. During my schooling years, I remember preparing delicious home-cooked meals for the scout group that was well-loved and appreciated by everybody that feasted on it. Determined to pursue my dream of opening my own restaurant, I moved to Australia, where I was fortunate to train under some of the most skilled chefs in Intercontinental Melbourne and Grand Hyatt Melbourne. I aim to create food that bridges Sri Lankan and Australian cuisine that truly satisfies you. 

Isuru Madusanka